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Forfatterbesøk? Julegave?

Julegavetips til Irlands- og Skottlandsfarere? Les mer om bøkene her: Irland og Skottland Jeg holder gjerne foredrag for biblioteker, reisearrangører eller andre som er interesserte i Irland og de skotske øyene Hebridene, Orknøyene og Shetland. Henvendelser kan gjøres gjennom Forfattersentrum - enkelt og greit! Forfattersentrum  

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Thanks for kind review on Amazon!

I was very touched and happy when I just found this review of “Travels in the Scottish Islands” on Amazon.uk. “This is an absolute gem of a book, a delight to read. As a frequent visitor to the Isle of Skye and Outer Hebrides myself, it is very interesting to find how the author reacts… Fortsett å lese Thanks for kind review on Amazon!

Øyene i vest, Hebridene, Ireland, Irland, Kirsti MacDonald Jareg, Orknøyene, Orkney, The Hebrides, Uncategorized, Whisky

MacD Books – my new website

IRLAND OG SKOTTLAND - Hebridene, Orknøyene og Shetland

Dear readers! Look up my new website and share if you like it! Books in English and Norwegian macdbooks.com

MacDBookslogo Press logo – and see my new site!

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Øyene i vest, Hebridene, Reiseskildring, Reisetips, Scottish Islands, The Hebrides

Tripadvisor rates Lewis and Harris in the Hebrides as best European islands

                        ... and Orkney and Mull follows close behind among the top 10 - Congratulations, Scotland! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-north-east-orkney-shetland-26247865

Øyene i vest, Hebridene, Orknøyene, Scottish Islands, Shetland, Skottland, The Hebrides, Whisky

KJØP «Øyene i vest. Hebridene, Orknøyene og Shetland»

https://www.tanum.no/tanum/search/search.action?query=%C3%B8yene+i+vest«Med en ny bok i sekken kan en med stort utbytte reise i vesterled. … » (Karsten Alnæs, Aftenposten)«Kirsti Jareg, author of Øyene i Vest (The Islands in the West) hopes not so much to ride the wave of interest for Scotland, as to raise its swell into something more important: a new awareness of the… Fortsett å lese KJØP «Øyene i vest. Hebridene, Orknøyene og Shetland»

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Traveltips 1: Barra, Outer Hebrides

Barra, Outer Hebrides, Scotland is a beautiful island, small enough to cycle around  in some hours, big enough to get a wee bit lost in the hills among sheep and ancient graves. What to do: Cycling, clearwater kayaking, swimming for the brave, heaps of shellfish to grill, fun pub. people and music - also on… Fortsett å lese Traveltips 1: Barra, Outer Hebrides